Jim Mischel has writen an article “Reading and Writing Feeds with RSS.NET.”

RSS.NET is an open source class library for RSS feeds. It provides a reusable object model for parsing and writing RSS feeds, and fully supports RSS versions 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.1. RSS.NET does not support most RSS 1.0 constructs (RDF). There is some mention of a project called RDF.NET, but it appears that the project has been abandoned or possibly merged into some other project.

RSS.NET is still in beta, but it appears to be fully functional. You can download the source code and project files from the project’s Web site here. That is a .tar.gz file, which WinZip knows how to extract, but Windows’ built-in decompressor can’t handle. I’m surprised that the author doesn’t make the project available in .ZIP format, as his primary audience is Windows programmers who typically aren’t familiar with .tar.gz files.

The project’s Web site includes a full class library reference, and a page of code samples in C# and Visual Basic that show how to use the class library to perform common tasks. That is the extent of the documentation currently available.

You can find the article here