Creating N-tier Web Application Using Visual Studio 2005 Wednesday, Apr 5 2006 

I've found a great article to create a web application using Visual Studio 2005.

The author writes, "When .NET Framework was first introduced, it provided excellent features that made the construction of ASP.NET applications a breezy experience. Now the next version of .NET Framework (version 2.0) along with SQL Server 2005 builds on the foundation of the previous versions and introduces some new features that can greatly aid in the design and development of N-Tier ASP.NET 2.0 applications. In this article, I will show you to how to construct an N-Tier ASP.NET 2.0 Web application by leveraging the new features of ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 such as TableAdapter Configuration Wizard, ObjectDataSource Control, App_Code directory to store reusable components, Master Pages, CLR Stored Procedures, and Caching. Along the way, I will also highlight the best practices of using the new ASP.NET features for building N-Tier enterprise class Web applications. From an implementation standpoint, Part-1 of this article will focus on the creation of CLR stored procedures and the data access components in addition to describing the overall architecture of the sample application. Part-2 will focus on the business logic layer object, ASP.NET user interface pages, caching and so on."

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Installing MSDN Library Thursday, Mar 30 2006 

I am having trouble installing the MSDN library for .NET 2003 that is on the MSDN Subscriptions Download. I've tried both WINRAR extraction and CD copy. I get the same "Error 1309 – File Not Found" except that it appears at a different point depending if I install using CD or the extract. Help?